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6 Ways to Wear a Long Beaded Necklace



Posted on August 01 2019

Hey there HENS!

Here at the henhouse we are trying to hold on to summer! Fall will be here before we know it but none the less, we are ready for ALL the pumpkin spice and warm colors! One thing that we love about jewelry is that it isn't restricted to certain seasons. One accessory that doesn't plan going out of style anytime soon is the long beaded necklace! Who else has a large collection of these necklaces in a wide variety of colors like we do?? Here are a few ways to wear these beads in any season!

1. Layered
This style is done by looping one long beaded necklace around your neck two times and having one layer shorter than the other.



2. Choker
This style is achieved just like the style above except you pull the top layer tight around your neck, creating a choker affect. 



3. Doubled
This look is achieved by wrapping the necklace around twice and making two even layers.



4. Low Knot
For this you will lay the necklace on flat and wrap the two ends together, creating a knot.

low knot


5. High Knot
This knot is exactly the same as the low knot, just tied higher with more of a tail at the bottom.

high knot


6. Open
This style is just the necklace alone with no wrap around or twists but you can layer more than one together to add more pizzazz!



We hope these ideas help you to style your long beaded necklace with any outfit and in any season! Comment below if there are additional ways that you like to wear these necklaces!

Thanks for reading!



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