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Our Favorite Fall Colors You NEED To Know!



Posted on August 22 2019

WhAtS uP cHiCks?!?

Believe it or not, fall and all things pumpkin spice will be here before we know it. It may still be 95 degrees in October but by God we are going to make the most of it. Just because we live in Texas doesn't mean we have to postpone our favorite season til the weather cools down. Celebrate fall even if it is still hot as Hades outside by dressing in these fall colors.

Taupe is a product of mixing grey and tan. The best thing about this color is that is literally goes with EVERYTHING. You can pair it with any print or color that goes with black or brown or both! You can even pair it with a bright or dark color. (This is also one of my favorite colors to put in my house because I can keep the taupe and just change the other colors throughout the seasons/my feelings.)

Red wine to be exact. This color has been the most popular fall wedding color for the past 3 years. If this color doesn't scream fall idk what does. And we are not ready to give it up yet. I also love to incorporate this color in my eye shadow or lip color in the fall. 

Mustard just screams fall to us. We love to pair mustard with a pop of color like turquoise or hot pink. Mustard is such a versatile color, you can also pair it with either black or brown.

Rust is the full encompassment of fall. It is the exact color of the leaves AND it is the most flattering color on ANY skin type!

We love olive. This color isn't an easy color to use in spring and summer so when fall comes around this is our first color to pull out of the closet.

Thanks y'all for reading! What's your FAVE Fall color?



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