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Uses for Your Makeup Junkie Bags!



Posted on August 07 2019

They are not JUST for makeup..

1. Pencil Pouch
Makeup Junkie bags are the PERFECT back to school accessory! Load them up with your pens, pencils, markers, etc. and slip them in your backpack!

2. Clutch
Makeup Junkie bags are super slim and portable and can fit all your necessities in them for an easy go to clutch!

3. Wallet
Makeup Junkie bags come in a variety of sizes. So whether you need a small wristlet or a large wallet, you are guaranteed to be able to fit everything you need in them!

4. Jewelry Bag
Another awesome way to use Makeup Junkie bags is to use them in your luggage or purse to hold jewelry so it doesn't get tangled up or mixed in with your other items. Having this separate bag insures you will be able to find your jewelry easily while traveling.

Have any other sweet ways to use your Makeup Junkie Bags? We’d love to hear from you. Comment here on the post or on your favorite social media platform. We’re on Facebook & Instagram!

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