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Chicken Row Market houses a collection of BOUTIQUE vendors ranging from baby to plus-size clothing, jewelry, and shoes with home decor and MORE all in one great place to come SHOP and VISIT a while! We are located on the square in Carthage, TX in the former KEN TURNER PHARMACY building. Lots of great HISTORY in these walls here! Stay a while and I’ll tell you about it!

(Photo of Rand Drug Company prior to Ken Turner Pharmacy...look at that soda fountain!!)
Photo Credit: Panola Crossroads Magazine

Chicken Row Market got its name for the location on this side of the square. In the early 1900’s when the original courthouse was in the middle of the square, the towns people used to come on Saturdays to barter or buy chickens, donkeys, and no tellin’ what else, and they called it Chicken Row. We couldn’t love it more!

We LOVE this TOWN, and we LOVE it’s PEOPLE. We’re meeting needs for this small town while also providing an outlet for additional businesses to have a storefront to call their OWN. We’re HELPING our vendors families and our employees families. And we have YOU all to THANK for that. Thank you for SUPPORTING our business, our dream, and our vision. We’re looking forward to MANY years to come!

~Katy Julian~


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