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Meet The Queen of the Henhouse!

Hi, I’m Katy Julian, owner/creator of a Boutique Vendor Market, Chicken Row Market. I have a passion for helping women feel and look better each and every day. I hope you find a big smile and a warm, welcoming place full of kindness and bright colors everywhere you turn.

My husband, Daniel and I have been married 15+ years and have two beautiful kiddos, Riley and Axel. They are a light in this world. They come to work with me and learn about mommy’s store and how we help people. They are learning and growing every day in the sweetest ways.

Axel and Riley

I love Jesus, coffee, and chocolate! Reading and podcasts are passions of mine, but let’s face it, there is never enough time! I love to learn new things everyday; business is a favorite subject of mine with personal growth coming in second. I am totally introverted and absolutely enjoy staying at home in the stillness of the woods. I like to take long walks and ride 4wheelers with the kids. And I can totally binge on Netflix but don’t allow myself to do that all the time because that doesn’t move the needle forward. But man, sometimes my recliner and ice cream yell at me when the kids are sleeping!!

This community of women means the world to me! I have never had so much FUN in my life; I didn’t know what enjoying a job was until Chicken Row! It doesn’t even feel like work! Okay, okay, there is a ton of work, but life’s too short not to enjoy it!

Much Love & Blessings


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Meet TEXAS’ BEST PEDDLERS here in THE HENHOUSE located in the heart of downtown Carthage, TX!



Wicked Willow is owned and creatively operated by Angel Beard, originally from Gary, TX. Angel and I went to high school together, and she has moved state to state with her military husband in hopes to one day move back to her hometown. She is an amazing mom who turned her CAR-FRESHIE, custom flannel, custom rocker, jewelry makin’ side-hustle into an AWESOME biz for her oh so special kids with T1 diabetes and autism…you ROCK!




Dazzle Me Pink & Blue is our sweetest new addition to Chicken Row! Family owned by Tiffanne, Lieza and Liela Klein, and Patricia Lout carrying all things baby, toddler and tweens, both boy and girl apparel. They provide the best styles, shoes, and accessories for each season!

Dazzle Me has a brick and mortar boutique located in Center, TX.

Brands Carried: Mustard Pie, Giggle Moon, Miss Me, Jak and Peppar, Isobella and Chloe, Peyton Bre, Bailey Blossom, Paty Inc, KAPITAL K, Evie’s Closet, Rugged Butts, Ruffle Butts, Bonnie Jean, Tractor, PRODOH, Blowfish Kids shoes, Baby Deer shoes

Center Store: 936-427-5073, WebsiteFacebookGroup, Instagram



Fringe TX is owned by yours truly, Katy Julian, also owner of Chicken Row Market. Fringe TX is my outlet for fun, casual, cute Texas styles just for you! I love fun, color, and kindness…hopefully, you’ll find that in my clothing and all throughout the store. Fringe TX carries sizes Small to 3X in all apparel and denim. Drippin’ in Fringe and bright colors and layered in lace, Fringe TX Boutique is fashion forward down an old backroad!

Brands Carried: Kan Can, Cello, Eunina, Risen, Finchberry, Urban Soak, 1803 Candles, Okie Candle Shop



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